Creativity Is Contagious!

I was bitten by the creative bug when I was a child - so it's been a lifelong affliction.

When I was very young, I was lucky enough to have been able to attend a weekly art school. It was here that I think I was infected. I got to learn some basic creative skills and techniques, and play with tons of different mediums, This was a real privilege, and I know so many people that would love to attend art classes simply cannot afford to, (including my own children!) but creativity isn't confined to any building.

Creativity is everywhere. The way I see it - creativity is actively being. To create something means to be engrossed within an active process, and one which demands we participate in it. By participating in something creative, we are transcended from our stresses, from the pressures of life, the daily grind, into a space where we just get to be. Maybe to feel? Or maybe to stop feeling? It is different for each of us. What I have found, is that different crafts serve me in different ways. When I paint, I am transported to a place where I am able to think quite deeply about things, I can reminisce, and my mind feels calm. The gentle movements of the brush along the canvas have a really calming, comforting effect but don't require much active concentration.

I love crochet for distraction. When I'm feeling overwhelmed with the weight of the world, or daily demands, crochet can transport me to a wooly wonderland. It creates for me, a fairly busy mind space where there is only space for stitch counts and rounds. There isn't space for anxiety or worry to creep in. The quick, repetitive movement of the stitches, and the almost childlike repetition of numbers as you count through a row of stitches, has a sort of calming affect. Like the sound of water hitting the edge of a boat, or a heartbeat. It allows me to ease away from a stressful reality, as it demands I focus my attention on it instead.

There is something about a repetitive craft that transports me into no man's land. My husband and I decided to build raised brick flowerbeds this summer, as hey - why not, right? Well half way through the project, once the frustration and the concentration required to learn the craft dissipated, I found myself able to just get lost in the wall. It was a different form of creativity than I had ever experienced, but became so very therapeutic. It had the same sort of repetitive, rhythmic quality as crochet for me.

These past few weeks have been challenging. Christmas is over, and the pressures of daily life with four kids are creeping back into life, and quite frankly, going back to reality after a cozy, Christmas break away really sucks. So I've found crochet to give me that distraction that I need. It is also my daughter's birthday soon, so I was inspired to design and make her a unicorn teddy, for her unicorn party which will be happening at the weekend.

So what creative bug have you been bitten by?

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